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Super-Food in a capsule

Laminine® has 22 amino acids & OPT-9 with Fibroblast Growth Factor, clinically proven to improve brain function & stimulate, repair, & restore damaged cells.

Why we need it everyday

Laminine Omega+++

Laminine Omega+++ contains Omega-3, 6, & 9 + CoQ10-ER (24 Hours Protection), + Vitamin K2 + OPT9, for a healthier heart and bones. The perfect supplement for aging.

How it can save your life

Laminine in a nutshell

Discovered in Canada in 1929, Laminine research travelled to Norway and ended in USA to be perfectly developed into a synergistic health product. Introduced to the Philippines in 2012, Laminine Philippines is one of thousands of Laminine Distributors in the Philippines and in the world who have discovered the secret of staying healthy.

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Laminine ingredients

Laminine contains a patented and proprietary ingredient called OPT9. It is a blend of Young Tissue Extract (YTE) taken at exactly the 9th day of a Fertilized Avian Egg (Embryonic stage). Laminine is combined with Marine Protein, Phyto Protein. Other Laminine ingredients sourced organically are Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Vegetable Capsules.

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Laminine repair mechanism

Laminine works by providing the FGF our body needs. It attaches itself to the cell receptors, directs stem-cells to go where they are needed or where damaged cells needs repair. The amino acids in Laminine provides the protein or food our cells need to repair itself. It also produce or decrease enzymes or chemical components we need to balance our body.

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Laminine for the family

Laminine can be taken by anyone, any age, and at any time of the day.  Laminine is 100% food grade, a health supplement that only gets better as you take it regularly to supplement daily nutrition. Research shows that taking Laminine for a minimum of 12 days have shown to reduce cortisol levels, thereby reducing stress and delaying aging. Laminine should be taken specially by those recovering from sickness or seniors who wants to regain their strength & energy.

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Laminine side effects

Side effects in general may include loose bowel movement, sleepiness, or pain triggers occurring in parts of the body that are ill. These may last for a few days. In most cases, these do not occur at all and immediate positive side effects are felt. More energy, better sleep, improved skin tones. These normal side effects mean that Laminine is detoxifying your body through cell waste management and or have started to repair damaged cells. Other side effects may include an increased sexual libido.


Where to buy Laminine

Laminine is sold through multi-level marketing. You can buy Laminine from any authorized distributor around world. For Laminine Philippines, please contact any of these numbers – 8813005, 09255338815, 09175338815. Or you can go to Robinson\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Business Center and look for Althea Group to assist your purchase. For international orders, please go to

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Laminine Product & Compensation Plan

If you want to know more about Laminine, you can visit and read through our research materials or purchase our materials such as clinical studies or folder-presentation. You can also attend the regular seminar at Robinsons Corporate Center or avail of free doctor consultation. Just text or email us for schedule or reservations.

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Buy Laminine in the Philippines

Laminine Philippines is the first country in Asia to introduce Laminine. Although LifePharm USA does not have auto-delivery in the Philippines, Althea Group delivers through LBC. Payment should be through bank deposit or PayPal. You can also buy Laminine from business centers located in Alabang, Batangas, Bulacan, Bacolod, Davao, Laguna, and Ortigas Center (QC). Local distributors is available in Baguio, GenSan, Zamboanga, Mindoro, Bataan, & Bicol regions. When purchasing at the head office (FRPI), please look for Althea Group. If you purchase online, please choose “will call” on the delivery option. For more information – 09255338815

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Laminine is now accredited with Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) is the trusted leader in essential prescribing and labeling information for over 65 years.