Laminine Price Promo 2016

IMPORTANT: There will be a price increase effective October 1, 2016. The special promotion of buy 4 boxes of Laminine, get FREE 3 bottles of Omega is until September 30, 2016.

Laminine 3 boxes FREE DELIVERY

Buy 3 boxes of Laminine at only ₱7,400 (Auto-member)

New member’s price is ₱2,470 per box.

Buy 9 Boxes and get 1 Box Free

You should be a member to get rebates and buy the Family pack using your ‘Enroll Now’ feature. There are no Laminine coupons but you can avail of lower price (wholesale packages) by buying as a member.
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Call or text now!

GLOBE: (0917) 533-8815
SUN: (0925) 533-8815
Metro Manila: (02) 881-3005

US & Canada: (1773) 763 0709


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Past Philippines Promo or discount:

FEBRUARY CEO PROMO: Buy Family Pack (9+1 Free) plus 1 Box Digestive or Immune
MAY PROMO: Buy 3 Boxes get 1 Box Immune for FREE
JUNE PROMO: Buy 4 Boxes of Laminine at PHP8,100 only (Extended until July 15, 2015)
JUNE CEO PROMO: Buy Family Pack (9+1 Free) plus 1 Box Digestive, 1 Box Omega, 1 Box Immune for FREE
JULY PROMO: Buy 4 Boxes at PHP8,100 and be a member.
AUGUST PROMO: Buy 1 Box at PHP2,698 (Pick-up price; add P160 for LBC delivery) and be a member.
SEPTEMBER PROMO: Get 1 Free Digestive or Immune for every 2 activation.
OCTOBER PROMO: Get 1 Free Laminine for every new activation pack. (October 22 to 24, 2015)

FRPI Super 4th Year Anniversary Promo

Buy 5 boxes of Laminine get 5 more for FREE!
Promo from March 20 – March 31, 2016 only.

Get 3 boxes of Laminine Omega for free

Buy 3 Laminine (new signup) get 3 Laminine OMEGA for FREE
Promo from March 1 – March 10, 2016 only.

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8 thoughts on “Laminine Price Promo 2016”

  1. My husband is on cuomarin and hydroxyurea maintenance. Is it safe for him to take laminiine? Thanks for the reply.

    1. There are no interactions between Coumadin, hydroxyurea and any food supplement. However, this does not necessarily mean that no interactions may occur. It is always safe to take 1 capsule/day for a week to rule out any possibility. Generally speaking, there should be no problem. However prognosis of course depends on the number of capsules to be taken per day, we can verify to our doctors how many your husband needs per day. Just let us know if you intend to order a product.

  2. Where can I call your office? Can I still avail of your discount when I leave your country and buy it from another country?

    1. Hi Mr. Jones, you can call us at 8813005. You can still avail of our discounted price but we may have problems with shipping as it will cost more. Depending on the country, we can also refer you to another distributor.

    1. You may attend the seminar at Robinson’s Galleria, daily except Sunday 4pm. Please look for Althea Staff. If not, please email us so we can send you a business plan presentation.

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